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MIRDEC - Masters International Research & Development Center and GLOBECOS - Global Community of Social Science

  Mutual Online/virtual International Academic Conference

Contemporary Discussions and Social Science Studies

6-8 October 2020, Rome, Italy


Professor Slagjana Stojanovska

IBF,  North Macedonia


Dr. Antonio Focacci

University of Bologna, Italy

Professor Slagjana Stojanovska is currently working at Marketing Management Department of IBF in North Macedonia

Some papers of Professor Stojanovksa:

• Sales Forecasting PRactises in Macedonian Small-Scale MAnufacturing Plants

• Direction for National Sustainable Prosperity

• The Efficiency of Macedonia's Innovation Platform

• Macedonia's Sustainable Competitive Preformance

• Evaluation Report for Macedonian Competitiveness Activity

• Assessing the Serbian and Macedonian Environmental Sustainability Value Delivery Network Practises

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