What is MIRDEC?


Masters International Research and Development Center MIRDEC is the locus of research for collaborative groups of academic and bussiness world pushing the frontiers of knowledge forward.


MIRDEC main mission is to promote research and disseminate knowledge for improving scientific exertion. To accomplish our mission MIRDEC organizes conferences and giving opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas and present their results of scientific research. MIRDEC conferences enable participants to network and collaborate with colleagues from academic and bussiness world and develop research collaboration.


Masters International Group: 

Masters International Research and Development Center

Masters International Publishing



Values of MIRDEC

* Inclusive action

* Promoting academic collaboration

* Research ethic.

* Fairness

* Integrity

* Encouraging teamwork


What will we do?


* MIRDEC will organize conferences.

* MIRDEC will publish conference proceedings under MIRDEC Publications.

* MIRDEC will provide opportunities for participants to publish their research in academic journals.

* MIRDEC will publish it's own journal in the near future.

* MIRDEC will publish its team member's researches.



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