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Detailed List of Conference Topics


Accounting – auditing, business, social and environmental Business – SMEs, MNEs, strategy, responsibility in accounting and accountants, environmental, sustainable and responsible business, IFRS, public-private cooperation in sound accounting, global trends in accounting strategies, international audit standards ·

Business&Enterprise– business cycles, business planning, supporting SME, policies to promoting SME, e-commerce, women entrepreneurs education and development, strategic integration between innovation & entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in developing countries, corporate and social entrepreneurship, leveraging digital skills for innovation in the society,  high tech, research&development enterprises

Demography and Population- Migration studies, demography, population studies, etc.

Economics – micro, macro, economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy, managerial, international, financial, public, regulatory, environmental, development, agricultural, natural resources, climate

change, knowledge, etc.

Environment - environment economics, fiscal policy for protecting environment, green production, sustainable growth,  natural resource,etc.  management, climate change, macro-micro issues in environment studies.

Education - research&development in education, technology and education, education strategies for different age groups, life time education, pedagogy, learning and teaching, educational psychology, curriculum and instruction, e-learning, virtual learning, global internet courses, blended learning, flipped, pathway, enabling, work integrated learning, executive training, training and development, educational leadership, etc.

Entrepreneurship – product, innovation, social, political, knowledge, etc. corporate venturing, digital media, etc.

Finance – corporate, international, green finance, financial reporting, public finance, financial markets, financial services, financial instruments, capital movements, government budget, etc.

International Business – culture and business, regional-global business, entry modes, strategy, expansion, mergers & acquisitions, trade, franchising strategies, etc.

Internet and Social Media Studies: Social media, internet, future of communication, etc.

Management – human resources, cultural problems in labor mobilization, international human resource, mobility of human resource, business, cross cultural, corporate governance, financial resources, gender issues, technological resources, natural resources, knowledge, etc.

Marketing – new media, social media marketing strategies, international, consumer research, market research, policy research, sales research, pricing research, distribution, advertising, packaging, product, media, etc.

Philology and Language Studies: historical study of language, aspects and research of speech production, transmission, and reception, linguistics, etc.

Social Business – Socially responsible enterprise, environmentally conscious enterprise, non-government institutional activities, globalization and social business, care programs, etc.

Social Sciences – anthropology, communication studies, new communication in new world order, demography, development studies, information and communication studies, international studies, journalism, library science, human geography, history, law, political science, public administration, psychology, sociology, etc.

Tourism – developing sustainable tourism destinations sustaining culture and history: tourism and heritage preservation, tourism economics, tourism policies, hospitality, tourism management and marketing, tourism planning and regional development, protected areas and tourism, etc.

MIRDEC-3rd, 2017, Conference on Social Science, Economics, Business and Education,

04-06 April, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Multidisciplinary and independent studies on:


·         Accounting 

·         Arts

·         Business&Enterprise

·         Culture, Heritage and Art

·         Demography and Population

·         Economics 

·         Environment

·         European Union

·         Education 

·         Entrepreneurship 

·         Finance 

·         Food, Gastronomy and Tourism

·         Health, Safety and Security

·         International Business 

·         Language

·         Management 

·         Marketing 

·         Philology and Language Studies

·         Social Business

·         Social Sciences 

·         Tourism 

·         Teaching

Special Sessions on European Union Studies:

* Euro crisis, monetary union,

* Enlargement process of EU

* Tax issues in EU: tax harmonization, fighting tax  competition, efficient taxation, tax equity

* EU energy policy, competitivenes, 

* Sustainable growth and development

* Environment policy in EU, resource efficiency

* EU social policy, fighting unemployment, income     distribution, etc.

* Social and demographic issues: EU migration,      understanding migrants and asylum in European  Union, European migrant crisis, refugee crisis,  social  reflections of Syria crisis to EU area, etc.

* Future of European Union: Cooperation for    improving EU, etc.

* Brexit

* EU relations with third party countries, etc.

* MAcro issues in EU: inflation, unempleyment, debt  crisis, budget deficits, etc.


Submission deadline:        Registration deadline:       Early registration deadline:  

17 March 2017                  17 March 2017                  20 January 2017

Dr. Tamer Budak,

Inonu University,


Dr. Asmahan Althaer,

MEU University,


Dr. Aram Belhadj,

University of Carthage(FSEGN) 

Dr. Mariya Sergeyevna Lyashenko,

Minin State Pedagogical University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Prof. Slagjana Stojanovska,



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