MIRDEC-14th, International Academic Conference  on

Contemporary Trends and Multidisciplinary Issues in Social Sciences 

(Global Meeting of Social Science Community) 

08-10 October 2019, Istanbul, Turkey


Conference Head

Prof. Slagjana Stojanovska

Conference Director

Dr. Kemal Cebeci


Scientific Committee


Prof. Joaquim Ramos Silva

University  of Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Marta M. Machuca

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya,Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Aziz Sair

University Ibn Zohr, Morocco


Dr. Maria del Pablo-Romero

University of Seville, Spain

Dr. Antonio Focacci

University of Bologna, Italy

Dr. Adam Pawlicz

University of Szczecin, Poland

Dr. Aram Belhadj

University of Carthage, Tunisia


Adjunct Professor Jacques Saint-Pierre

Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, Laval University, Canada.


Assoc. Professor Penka Peeva

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Social Science, Assen Zlatarov University, Bulgaria.


Assoc. Professor Asmahan Altaher

Applied Science University, Jordan.


Assoc. Professor Rong Zhang

Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Japan.


Dr. Jinhoa Lee
School of Economics and Finance, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom.

Dr. Tanu M. Goyal

Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, India

Dr. Mohamed Zniber

University Ibn Zohr, Morocco

Dr. Mirela Tase
Faculty of Business, Universiteti Aleksander Moisiu Durres, Albania.


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