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MIRDEC 2016, Conference on Social, Economics, Business and Educational Science

MIRDEC 2016, Conference on Social, Economics, Business and Educational Science invites academics, independent scholars, researchers, postgraduates and experts from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and to discuss issues concerning Social, Economic, Business and Educational Sciences fields towards sustainable development.


While MIRDEC Budapest 2015 invites papers in all areas of social, economic, business and educational sciences submissions in the following areas are highly encouraged:


  • Accounting – auditing, business, social and environmental Business – SMEs, MNEs, strategy, CSR, environmental, sustainable and responsible business

  • Economics – micro, macro, managerial, international, financial, public, regulatory, environmental, development, agricultural, natural resources, climate change, knowledge

  • Education - pedagogy, learning and teaching, educational psychology, curriculum and instruction, e-learning, blended learning, flipped, pathway, enabling, work integrated learning, MOOCs, executive training, training and development, educational leadership

  • Entrepreneurship – product, innovation, social, political, knowledge, corporate venturing, digital media

  • Finance – corporate, international, green finance, financial reporting, public finance, financial markets, financial services, behavioural

  • International Business – entry modes, strategy, expansion, mergers & acquisitions, trade, CSR

  • Management – human resources, international HR, business, cross cultural, corporate governance, financial resources, gender issues, technological resources, natural resources, knowledge, ICT

  • Marketing – international, consumer research, market research, policy research, sales research, pricing research, distribution, advertising, packaging, product, media

  • Social Business – Socially responsible enterprise, environmentally conscious enterprise, sustainopreneurship, and any other related topics (supported by Yunus Centre)

  • Social Sciences – anthropology, communication studies, demography, development studies, information and communication studies, international studies, journalism, library science, human geography, history, law, linguistics, political science, public administration, psychology, sociology


- We are now accepting submissions in any areas related to Business and Social Sciences fields, and all submissions will be     refered, and accepted papers will be included in the official conference proceedings with an assigned ISBN number.onference proceedings with an assigned ISBN number.

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