MIRDEC-17th, International Academic Conference  on

Economics, Business, Globalization and Social Science Studies

(Global Meeting of Social Science Community) 

14-16 April 2020, Istanbul, Turkey


Dr. Imdat Dogan

Finance and investment executive

Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Rengin Ak

Kırklareli University


Onyeka Nwelue

School of Cinematographic Studies, Queensland University,


Dr. Imdat Dogan 

is finance and investment executive having extensive experience with many asset classes including stocks, bonds, options, FX, futures and private and public funds at the most prestigious investment banks and investment management houses on wall street such as Goldman Sachs & Co., Deutsche Bank, Prudential Equity Group and BlackRock. He is a project initiator, key contact point and executive advisor for portfolio investments, FDI, VC&PE funding & management opportunities in USA, Europe and MENA region in many sectors including banking, financials, insurance, energy, technology, industrials and utilities spaces. Dr. İmdat Doğan holds an MBA degree in finance & investments and PhD degree in banking and finance.

Selected Works and Presentations:

  • Investigation of the Relationship between Islamic Work Ethics and Work Alienation: The Example of the Banking Sector in Kırıkkale Province, 2019 (Joint Work).

  • Analysis of Measures taken for Terrorism Financing Activities: The Case of Turkey, 2019 (Joint Work).

  • NGO Institutional Case Study: A Case of Central Anatolia Region, Turkey, 2019 (Joint Work).

  • The Effect of Psychological Contract Opposition on Organizational Dissent, 2019 (Joint Work).

  • Conference Chair, 13th RSEP International Conference on Business, Economics & Finance, June 2019.

  • Conference Chair, 10th RSEP International Social Sciences Conference, Bangkok, January 2019.

  • Conference Session Chair, 9th RSEP International Social Sciences Conference, Rome, November 2018.

  • Work-Family Conflict and Workaholism in Organizations: Demographic Differences, 2018 (Joint Work).

  • A Review of Regional Innovation Systems and Economic Growth in Selected Countries, 2018 (Joint Work).

  • Testing the Merger Premiums in Publicly Traded Firms: The Case of U.S. Commercial Banks, 2018.

  • Financial and Socio-Economic Aspects of NGOs: Analysis of Mediterranean Region, 2018 (Joint Work).

  • Work-Family Conflict and Workaholism Levels of Finance and Accounting Professionals, 2018 (Joint Work).

  • IAEE/GARP Autumn School, Financial and Regulatory Risk in Energy, Lecturer, Istanbul, October 2018.

  • TUGVA Energy Workshop, Energy Economics and Risk Management, Lecturer, Istanbul, October 2018.

  • Conference Chair, 8th RSEP International Social Sciences Conference, Barcelona, September 2018.

  • Risks in Electricity Markets, Workshop (ISTRADE), Moderator, Istanbul, April 2018.

  • Transform from Developing Country Status to Developed Country Status, 2018.

  • TUGVA Energy Academics, Lecturer, Istanbul, March 2018.

  • Portfolio Optimization: “Does the Size of Stocks Universe Matter?”, 2018.

  • The Economical Effects of Public Investments on TRA2 Region in Turkey, 2018.

  • Investigation of Workaholism in Accounting Professional Members in Terms of Various Variables, 2018.

  • TUGVA Conference on Energy Economics, 2017.

  • Value Creation in U.S. Bank Mergers Before and After the Global Financial Crisis, 2017.

  • Neutrality of Money for US Economy, Journal of Applied Sciences, 2017.

  • Relationship between the Istanbul Chamber of Wholesale General Price Index and its Components: Asymmetric Conditional Correlation Analysis on Turkey, 1968-2015, 2017.

  • Effects of Ownership Structure on Banks’ Performance: The Case of Turkish Deposit Banks, 2014.

  • Economic Impact Analysis of Marmaray Project, Ankara, 2013.

  • Economic Impact Analysis of Terrorism in Turkey, Ankara, 2013.

  • Futures, Forwards and Swaps in International Corporate Finance, Ankara, 2013.

  • Literature Review of Hedging Techniques with Particular Emphasis on Forward and Futures, Ankara, 2013.

  • Historical Review of Global Banking Activities, Ankara, 2013.

  • International Portfolio Investment Project with American Depository Receipts, Ankara, 2013.

  • Growth and Synergy in Corporations, Ankara, 2013.

  • Credit Rating Agencies and Their Credibility in 2008 Financial Crisis, Ankara, 2012.

  • Credit Rating Agencies and Turkey, Ankara, 2012.

  • Credit Value at Risk, Ankara, 2012.

Onyeka Nwelue is actually working at Queensland University, Haiti.

Nwelue, best known for his 2009 book, ‘Abyssinian Boy’, will be reading from his latest novel, ‘The Beginning of Everything Colorful.’

The author is also known for other such works as, ‘Hip Hop is for Children’, and ‘The Island of Happiness.’

Apart from writing books, Nwelue is also a film director, whose documentary film, ‘The House of Nwapa’, was nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

Prof. Rengin Ak 

is actually working as full Professor at Kırklareli University, Turkey.


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